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Great customer service and smooth purchase transition

May 1, 2017

Very nice and helpful sales representative Enrique made sure everything was set up for us when we arrived to look at a very specific F-150. Great customer service and smooth purchase transition. Would recommend buying a car from this dealer 100%!

They were very friendly, fast and efficient

April 19, 2017

They were very friendly, fast and efficient... didnt take long at all to drive out in our 2017 5.0 gt mustang, my husband was very happy to be the one to drive it all the way back home to murrieta.... thank u ford of orange for the great fast pleasant experience.

Best car buying experience I've ever had!

January 26, 2016

Best car buying experience I've ever had! I was literally there for 2 hours, which is fast when buying a car. I worked with Kellie K. and she was amazing! She asked me what I wanted my payments to be and then showed me my options based upon that, to stay in budget. I was able to get the car I wanted at a great price and it was so easy. Last car I bought I was at the dealer for over 6 hours, looking at cars, negotiating price, waiting for finance, etc. - it took all the fun out of buying a new car. So I was beyond pleased with my experience at Ford of Orange. 5 Stars all the way!! Thank you!

I have nothing but great things to say about this company.

January 25, 2016

I have nothing but great things to say about this company. My recent purchase was with Kellie Kendall. She is so upfront and honest. She got me the best deal I could. I don't have the best credit so she really had to work for probably not even a good commission. She just wanted me to be happy. She's passionate about her job and I appreciate her help!!!

I will definitely be returning to David Wilson's Ford and Mazda of Orange

January 10, 2016

The service department manager, Bob Bynon, was great to deal with when I had some small details that needed attention on my new 2016 Mustang GT Convertible. Mary Doyle was also a pleasure to work with and I will definitely be returning to David Wilson's Ford and Mazda of Orange for future service needs.

Transmission service

March 13, 2015

I have been taking my Ford Edge to this dealer for service since I purchased it. I bought it from another dealer that I will never go back to or recommend. I have had great service every time I take my vehicle in. The staff is friendly and make me feel like a valued customer.

Great Service Writer

March 26, 2015

Jimmy Hwang, service writer for Ford, is an excellent communicator!! He kept us up-to -date with service and costs. He is personable and professional. He made our experience A++. We broke a serpentine belt towing a car hauler on a nearby street--he put us at ease and had us back on the road in a short period of time.

Best truck buying EVER

April 7, 2015

Stela and I were looking for a new truck to pull a travel trailer. After two months of kicking tires and building the truck of my dreams it was time to locate one. Ford of Orange was the 4th dealership i went to and they were the BEST. Not only did they find the truck i wanted, they found an even better one and to top it all off they gave me a better price on a much better truck. The other dealers I was shopping were trying to sell me a plain truck F150 XLT priced in the mid 40K range. Julie and Tito from Ford of Orange found me an Amazing F150 FX2 Loaded to the max for thousands less and made a deal with the dealer that had the truck to make my dreams come true. Now that I'm driving this Awesome truck I'm as happy as ever. Thank you, Julie, Tito and Ford of Orange.

Fast & Friendly Service

April 16, 2015

The staff is always nice and gets the job done quick so that I can get on my way. Th e service has been consistent for over 3 years since I bought my Mazda.

Great Service

May 23, 2015

I had hesitated going here for service in the past because I had heard bad comments/reviews from my own customers. Working Customer service myself, I know the importance of customer satisfaction. Anyway, my moms Ford Focus needed service and I had to go here because it's the closest to my job. To start, place was very busy! Right away I thought this was not gonna be good. Then I was approached by a gentleman named Edgar right away. He was very attentive and polite when I explained the reason for my visit! He then was very detailed when it came to explaining additional services my moms car needs, which I greatly appreciate he took the time to do considering they were busy. Lastly he thanked me for not only my patience but also for coming in. I felt welcomed and VALUED! In addition, he informed me I can also take my car, not a ford or Mazda, for service in the future as they are servicing all car makes. That was good to know! I will most definately be coming to this place to get future sevices as long as I am treated the way this gentleman did. For all those who've had bad experience I would suggest looking for this gentleman Edgar to take care of you next time

Great Dealer

April 28, 2015

Great dealer with great people. They were all smiling. Felt like at home comfortable and relaxed.

My wife and were treated not just good, but great!

December 15, 2014

I am sure you get many letters, emails, and phone calls, complaining about one thing or another. This is not one of those. We bought our ford fusion and a dodge truck on the same day from Cal Worthington earlier this year. That day, there were issues with the Fusion that Worthington was supposed to resolve and because they never had, my wife has never enjoyed the new car we got for her. The car was there at Worthington 3 different times for a total of I think around 9-11 days, and not only was it never repaired but we were treated poorly throughout the process and even on the day before I brought the car to your facility, the personnel at Worthington were rude to me and basically “blew me off”. I don’t want to go into too much detail but I will never set foot on their property again and I will be writing to Ford Motor Corporation about them. I then reached out to your facility and talked with Jimmy (forgive me that I do not know his last name). From that moment, I and my wife were treated not just good, (I almost hate to say it) but great. Jimmy not only spoke to us politely and professionally but listened to us and the struggles we had been through. He also made arrangements for a substitute rental car for us and just overall, took care of us, and made sure we were happy. Throughout the process he called and communicated with us, made sure we were comfortable with all that was going on etc. Then to top it off, He called and the car was complete, repaired properly, and was done in much much less time than expected. While I was away on business, some of this took place including my wife picking up the car and again, it went very well and with no issues or problems for my wife. Everything is working, and finally after all these months, my wife can enjoy her car and it actually functions properly! I want to personally thank Jimmy and the technicians that made the repairs. Thank you to each of them for their professionalism, courtesy, and following through on a job from beginning to end the right way. Your staff has earned our business and yes, as you stated in your letter, Your facility will be the facility we use exclusively, All too often, the negative is commented on and passed around but this time, I sincerely hope you will acknowledge the positive impact your staff has had.

From Google+

September 26, 2014

I have been very impressed by the professionalism and personal customer service I have received by the Sales, Service and Parts Departments, which has made my experience very enjoyable. Thank you and I look forward to a long relationship in the future.

From Google Place Page

September 27, 2014

ford of orange the best place on earth for service when buying a truck or car, as on service, they really take care of all your needs

I received quick service along with some amazing deals

July 22, 2014

Came into ford of orange twice since signing my lease in 2013 for regular scheduled maintenance. I received quick service along with some amazing deals like a car wash, oil change, tire rotation etc for $30. Their timing for when the job would be completed was almost spot on and they apologized for the slight delay I did receive since they were still washing the car. Can't complain however since it was nice to have a clean car!

I could not be happier with Ford of Orange!!!!

June 2, 2014

As a first time car buyer, everything about purchasing a vehicle was scary and overwhelming. After going to a few other dealerships and being unhappy with the cars I was test driving and the service I was getting, I went to Ford of Orange to see Kellie Kendall, who I was referred to by a friend. Kellie was AMAZING. She helped me choose a great gently used F150 and didn't pressure me into anything. She listened to my concerns about payment prices and made me feel right at home. She figured out a way for me to sign a deal without a cosigner, and she and her manager worked out financing that fit my budget. I don't think I would have gotten the great level of service that I got anywhere else. I am excited to show off my new car and tell all of my friends about Kellie and Ford of Orange. I will highly recommend her to all of my friends who want to buy cars.

We were very happy

August 15, 2014

We were very happy with how easy Bill Ferguson was to deal with, he listened to what we wanted and make sure that he understood what we were looking for.. I was looking for my Granddaughter's "Dream Car", a 2014 RED Mustang. I had a limited budget and she had high hopes, Bill was able to make us both happy. Bill suggested having the leather seats added by the Dealership, which kept the costs down. Bill and Kellie Kendall handled everything and we ended up with a very Happy Granddaughter! I had been to three other Dealerships looking for the same car and had been given low prices over the phone and then, after driving to the Dealer, finding out that they did not have the car in stock! Thank you so much for taking the time with us to make sure that we got the car that we wanted!

Great place to buy a car

May 26, 2014

Thanks Brian, Larry and Mike the GM you always take care of us. Great place to buy a car. Last month they sold 400 cars the numbers don't lie.

I had a great experience!

July 25, 2014

I had a great experience working with Joseph H, who I got in touch with through the Costco Program. Joseph was helpful in answering my questions about the car, about rebates - and about checking about rebates when he didn't have the answers. I met him one day and came back the next day to get the car - he was off, but waited until I was able to come in. I did not feel pushed or manipulated as I have in the past - I felt like I was getting all the help I could get, a great price. I felt comfortable, and not pressured, which made this an amazing experience.

Top Notch Service!

July 22, 2014

The repair service at Ford of Orange was top notch. John helped me and he was AMAZING! He is so nice, trust-worthy, and honest. He worked hard to make sure my repairs were covered under warranty and I walked away with a very, very reasonable bill. I literally gave him a hug when I left because he was so nice to me and my seven-month old who was with me when my car broke down on the freeway! He made sure I had a rental car and was charged a reasonable rate for the rental car as well. This is the second time I took my car to Ford of Orange Service. The first time, I received excellent service and they washed my car as a bonus. I feel like they always go above and beyond to earn your business. They have certainly earned mine!

We LOVE our new car!!!

July 4, 2014

We LOVE our new car!!!

We bought a 2014 Ford Fusion with the sports package, EcoBoost and touch screen control panel. Tito Molina was great!!! He was very patient with us since we weren't sure what features we really wanted. While we were there, trying to decide, the place started to get very busy. But Tito stuck with us bending over backwards to insure we left there with the car we wanted and could afford.

This is the second car we have bought from Tito and we will definitely be back for our future car purchases. Thanks again Tito and Ford of Orange!!!

Thanks Ford of Orange Service Department!

June 20, 2014

Looked for a new place to handle maintenance for my 2012 Focus. Had been using ******* Ford, but ******* Ford had seriously goofed up the customer service the last time I was there.

I stopped by and got a great service advisor (Scott Boisvert). We talked through the 3 issues I brought in: 30k service, transmission noise and a rubbing noise from a front wheel. The summary and resolution were as follows:

30k: I was prepared for a high service push, and expected to get through that at around $300. Scott says, nope all you really need is this $40 + fees special; no coupon needed May be the first time a SA was that clear, direct and honest that I didn't need all the other services. Delivered and charged as promised.

Transmission: the new Ford transmissions have caused a lot of complaints, as they have some of the rough traits of a manual. Prior dealer just said they are all like that. Scott explained the general issues, said they'd take a look at my specific gripe. They did find an issue, and made corrections that minimized it. No cost warranty review, 90% resolved so back into the very acceptable zone. They listened and did something!

Rubbing noise: They asked to keep the car to next morning to track this down. Most dealers just roll their eyes at these and don't do anything, including my last Lexus dealer. The tech nailed it, found a premature bearing failure and it is 100% fixed. No charge warranty repair.

So, everything got addressed. Damage was $45. They listened, did not upsell, did what they said they would and were just good. There is no question I would use FoO again, even if I drive from South OC.

Thank you for the amazing customer service!

June 5, 2014

Kellie Kellie are my hero. I want to thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I absolutely love my new 2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE and can't thank you enough. This woman was bending over backwards, pulling teeth, thinking outside the box, get me my car at a price I could afford with ALL the amenities, i mean ALL of them. I went in thinking all I want is a white Ford Fusion Hybrid with navigation and cloth because I can't afford the leather. I knew it was a lot to ask because there aren't a lot of cars with navigation and cloth. People assume if you can afford the navigation you can afford the nice leather, well I didn't think this new college grad could! Kellie was able to make it happen with a car she had available on the lot. It wasn't white, but I quickly changed my mind about being so picky as soon as I sat in the car and smelled that new leather smell and that comfort...oh the comfort! I have dogs so leather was definitely the way to go all along, but it was just all about affordability. She found every possible incentive on the Ford website and was able to beat the prices of all the other Ford dealerships I had visited in the area, including ******* Ford and Ford of *******

Kellie was such a sweetheart, she insisted we take the car for a test drive so I agreed and we drove it around a little bit. She let me go on the freeway and on some of the bumpy roads nearby, the car drove BEAUTIFULLY! We had arrived at the lot about 20 minutes prior to closing time...and she didn't act annoyed, not even the least bit! In fact, I was so happy because she didn't try to rush me at all, she actually insisted on going over every feature of the car top to bottom. I'm sure happy she did because I know that if I had driven it home I would not have known what to do with all the gadgets and buttons. Yes, I could have just read the manual but it's different when someone takes the time to show you first hand. She showed me all of the voice features my car offers, incredible that a car has the ability to do some of those things nowadays! She insisted I take a look at all aspects of the car to make sure I was happy with everything before I claimed it as my own. I'm a spaz sometimes and noticed something that looked like a scratch on the front windshield...I calmed down as soon as I realized it was part of the sticker. She immediately offered to have it taken back again and get it washed one more time. WHO IS THIS WOMAN?! She was like a godsend. She even understood and didn't judge me for my odd emotional attachment to the car I was trading in... she told me of similar stories and made me feel a little bit less weird. I'm so happy with my new car and love everything about it. I'll say this...I had to drop off my Bachelors Degree (added incentive at the time) and was having trouble with my cigarette lighter charging my phone. Kellie immediately brought out her charger... turns out it was my own charger that was on the fritz. What amazing customer service and what an amazing lady. Thank you Kellie!

2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE - A beautiful car with even more beautiful gas mileage :).